Trade Secrets

Protecting the confidential information that gives your business a competitive edge.
Trade Secrets encompass manufacturing, industrial, and commercial secrets. The unauthorized use of such information by anyone other than the holder or the holder’s authorized agent, is considered “unfair practice” and violates the holder’s trade secret rights. Trade secrets may include such things as advertising plans, sales methods, customer profiles, distribution methods, supplier and client lists, and manufacturing processes. However, whether the information in question constitutes a trade secret is often determined on a case-by-case basis.

Formulas & Functions

Trade Secret protection may apply to formulas and functions that make your product or service superior to that of your competitors, whether by taste, performance, or appearance.

Plans & Strategies

Trade Secret protection may apply to unique marketing plans and strategies that include customer lists, product pricing, promotional campaigns, costs and expenses, and delivery methods.

Products or Services

Trade Secret protection may apply to concepts and plans for new products or services, enabling you to get a head start on your competitors or remain a pioneer in your industry.

Negative Know-How

Trade Secret protection may apply to your research and development that may highlight things to avoid, which help you prevent costly mistakes.

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